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We are pioneering a novel polymer platform (ECANs) that transforms the recycling of complex items. These adaptable ECAN polymers can undergo modification from initial synthesis to post-processing, yielding a variegated range of material properties and establishing a genuinely modular material platform.

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Our advanced chemical recycling tech transforms plastic recycling with a low-energy, high-yield process. It efficiently extracts colors and additives, creating new form factors endlessly while preserving quality. This versatile polymer platform promotes sustainable manufacturing for a circular plastics economy.

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Premium eyewear frames are made with cellulose acetates via subtractive manufacturing (CNC machining), causing 70-90% waste. FLO's innovative polymers empower manufacturers to amplify yields by five times by recycling high-volume homogenous production waste. Eyewear enables FLO to address scientific challenges, manufacturability, economics, and emissions within a circular business model and positions us to enter diverse markets in the future.

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